The year is 237.823.M41
Throughout the Jericho Reach war rages as the forces of the crusade struggle to maintain their hold despite the odds. At all times assailed by the enemy of mankind on three fronts. Millions of Imperial guardsmen die yearly and no progress is showing.

The Orpheus Salient is close to being swallowed by hive fleet Dagon
The Acheros Salient has stalled against the formidable defences of the arch-enemy in the Cellebos warzone.
The Canis Salient is mired in 15 year stalemate on the Greyhell Front. All the while Tau sympathisers instigate uprisings on previously loyal worlds. Three of which have been under blockade for nearly a decade. Millions starving to death as a result.

All the while the Adeptus Astartes of the Deathwatch maintain their silent vigil.
For millennia they have stood watch, constantly alert for a threat whose nature has been forgotten in aeons past.

This is the story of Kill Team YPSILON/KAPPA-2337
It’s mission to seek out the enemy of mankind in all it’s forms and purge them.
To suffer not the alien.
To tolerate no heresy.
To burn the witch.
To purge the unclean.

There is no time for peace.
No respite.
There is only WAR

The Missions of Kill Team Ypsilon/Kappa-2337

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