The Missions of Kill Team Ypsilon/Kappa-2337

The First 13 Months


After the kill team members completed their training they were tasked to form a kill-team and sent to watch station Oertha. Here they joined the forces of Watch Codicier Kurita, who is in charge of the Astartes presence on the planet, and leads the Deathwatch forces based on the Watch station.
So far the stationing has lasted 13 months. 13 months of war against the insidious Tau and their Kroot allies.

The Purging of Settlement 53

But recently a new presence has been detected in the system. Two Genestealer infestations have been detected and purged. And several Tyranid bio-scout ships have been destroyed near the Oertha system. If tendrils of Hive Fleet Dagon are reaching for the Greyhell Front they must be denied.



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