Canis Salient

559px canis salient
The Canis Salient was the largest and oldest warzone within the Jericho Reach. Located to the coreward of the Reach, its first battles were fought in a Crusade to liberate dozens of human-inhabited worlds from Tau expansion. This Imperial Crusade did not go well, however, as the Imperials soon found themselves embroiled in a war on two fronts as they were assaulted from another xenos menace – the malevolent Tyranids. Slamming into the Imperial thrust, only through great and terrible sacrifices were the Imperials able to halt the aliens from invading and stripping life from every world within the Canis Salient and beyond.

Known Worlds

  • Bellom (Dead World) – During the Age of Shadow when the raw material of the Warp spewed forth from rising warp storms, Bellom was scoured of all life. The Deathwatch maintain an orbital Watch Station which orbits the system’s outer reaches. Though what this station stands sentinel over is lost to the ages, its very existence is reason enough to maintain it.
  • Carmyn (Pleasure World) – A world that was used as a retreat from the horrors of war and the stresses of high-level command. Its very existence was only known to those within the senior command, no common soldiers were made aware of its existence.
  • Meskaile (Death World) – One of three planets along the trailing edge of the Canis Salient. The other two worlds are Themiskon Point and Scansion Beta. Initially, these three worlds came under attack by the vanguard elements of Hive Fleet Dagon, though the interests in these worlds by the Tyranids was never ascertained.
  • Oertha (Mining World) A mining world on the outskirts of the Canis Salient. A Deathwatch watch station with a large garrison of both kill teams and three squads of Storm Wardens lead this worlds defences against the Tau.
  • Scansion Beta (Dead World) – This planet was only one of many Dead worlds that haunt the Jericho Reach.
  • Spite (Fortress World) – Spite was a Fortress World from which Lord Commander [[:Sebiascor Ebongrave]] marshaled the forces under his command against the Tau. This world is a heavily settled and industrialised world that was left in ruin following a terrible attack by human malcontents (widely believed to have been supported by the Tau) which killed millions of people.
  • Thesmiskon Point (Dead World) – A once-verdant planet that harboured a rich and diverse eco-system, all that remains of this world is a lifeless world devoid of any living thing.
  • Wrath (Fortress World) – Laying at the navigable extent of the Aegle Confluence, Wrath quickly became a Fortress world for the Crusade forces. Bitter campaigns were fought to suppress the highly warlike people for several years until they were finally defeated. Soon after, Wrath was transformed into the administrative centre of the Canis Salient.

Quarantined Worlds
230px quarantined worlds
Lord Commander Ebongrave’s aggressively sought to root out the Tau influence on the Imperial worlds of the Canis Salient, and so he deemed worlds that he considered to be rife with Tau emissaries and sympathisers beyond hope of redemption. He ordered them quarantined, meaning that no spacecraft were allowed in or out. To many, the horrible fates of the Quarantined Worlds were the starkest evidence of Ebongrave‚Äôs madness. The three Qurantined Worlds included:

Known Stellar Phenomenon

The Black Reef
320px black reef
The Black Reef is a stellar phenomenon composed of a series of gravitational anomalies that are extremely difficult to navigate. The contorted orbits and fluctuating gravities have pulled in hundreds of planets and millions of asteroids which eventually tear these stellar debris violently apart. Many of these planets were once inhabited long before the Age of the Imperium and are littered with scattered ruins of ancient cites on these remnants of planetary crust that endlessly float through the strange eddies and currents of the Reef.

The Greyhell Front
Greyhell front
The Greyhell Front was one of the two main war zones where the Imperial forces of the Achilus Crusade were concentrated. The Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy struggled to establish footholds close to Tau-occupied space. This volatile region of the Reach was regarded as a meat grinder by the Imperial troops serving there.
Known Worlds of the Greyhell Front

  • Baraban (Feral World) – Baraban is a Feral World of endless temperate forests and was home to huge Vespid and Kroot armies. The war on Baraban was a conventional one, but the forces of the Imperial Guard were constantly denied victory as they fell apart in terror and disarray as they were assailed by strange ghosts of unknown origins.
  • Bekrin (Shrine World) – Bekrin is a Cardinal world and religious capital of the diocese covering much of what was the Canis Salient. Its clergy was forced to evacuate the planet to escape the approaching Tyranids Hive Fleet, and though they were turned aside before they reached Bekrin, the world was never resettled.
  • Dakinor (Dead World)
  • Ravacene (Death World) – Ravacene was a notorious Death world, that was covered in ash-choked forests from the volcanoes that covered the planet’s single planet-wide continent. It is said that this is how the Greyhell Front derived its name. The Imperial Guard fought a bleak, brutal war of attrition against both the Kroot and the planet alike.
  • Veren (Feral World) – The Feral world of Veren is a world of glassy black mountains and shallow oceans teeming with life. Though Veren was of little strategic value the Tau were determined to prevent the Imperium from conquering this planet. Convinced that something lay on Veren that the Tau wanted to defend, the Imperial Guard were dispatched to fight a brutal campaign against the Tau for control of the contested world.

Canis Salient

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